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Closing Up Shop

I've avoided making this post for quite a while, but I think the time has come. This will be my last LiveJournal post. For the curious, it's not because of the format, or anything, or even lack of interest. I really like the LiveJournal interface, and have enjoyed posting to this blog over the past three years. Unfortunately, the move is due entirely to the enormous amount of spam comments my old posts are receiving, and the lack of a method for effectively dealing with them. At present, I think I am going to leave the comments open on some of my posts, at least, but if it gets worse, I'll probably close comments on all posts and leave this up as a read-only memento.

If you'd like to find me around the web or see what I'm up to, you can go to the following sites:

  • Dedalvs.com: My old conlanging site (sadly neglected nowadays).

  • Dothraki.com: The Dothraki blog.

  • DavidJPeterson.co: An aggregator that collects all my blog posts.

  • My Tumblr: The likely destination for posts that would have gone here.

  • Google+: The second most likely destination for posts that would have gone here.

  • Twitter: My Twitter account.
If you do happen upon a post and would like to comment, I do still get notifications for comments, and I will read it. If the spam becomes too great, though, I'll probably close up all comments on the blog, and may find a place to port all these old posts, if I can.

If you're a LiveJournal employee/tech and you're reading this: I still loves you! This LiveJournal took me from a non-blogger to at least a semi-regular blogger. I still like the interface, and like how I can follow others' blogs, but the level of spam has made the entire thing an annoyance to me, and makes it less likely that I go to to my My LJ page—which means I'm no longer following my friends' blogs, and no longer interested in posting. WordPress's spam control plugins are so much more effective that even though there isn't a built-in community, I find it much easier to use a WordPress blog than to use this LJ. :(

Thanks to all those who've followed this blog in the past! I wish you the best.
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