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Found in Chico, Vol. 2

I don't know how many people will remember my incredibly infrequent series Found in Chico, but I think it's about time for a second installment (only been, what, ten months?). Frankly, though, I think this one's worth the wait.

Now, if you're like me, you're probably a big fan of objects that aren't human beings being used to create mini human being statuettes. But even if for some crazy reason you're not, you've got be a fan of this guy:

A little man fashioned from horseshoes...?

HA! Look at that little guy! I found him immediately charming, but it's the mustache that absolutely slew me. I actually almost bought him. The only reason I didn't is that I couldn't imagine bringing him back on the plane ride home—or even getting him through the TSA. It's too bad. He deserves a home.

So I found this horseshoe buckaroo at the Raley's off of the Skyway in Chico. If you're a Chicano (or Chicana) and you want to see if he's still around (say, for a white elephant exchange), if you enter the store and turn around and face the entrance/exit, I found him on the left side of the store in a separated section for seasonal items. Of course, there's nothing seasonal about this guy: He's outstanding for any occasion!

Myself, I'll be returning to Chico next month. Perhaps I'll drop in and see if he's still around... I'd love to see what Keli would make of him.
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