David J. Peterson (dedalvs) wrote,
David J. Peterson

It's Been Awhile...

I've had a tough time trying to figure out how to maintain my blogginess, as I now maintain, like, five blogs outside of this one. I have an idea that I think will revolutionize the world (that I'll post about here), but it's not ready yet.

Anyway, I did want to take some time to note a couple of things here. Two of them are relatively minor (a new Dothraki post over at the Dothraki blog, and a review of the brand new From Elvish to Klingon in Fiat Lingua), but I did want to note something special that came out for Speculative Grammarian.

Over the past who knows how many years, Speculative Grammarian, an online magazine dedicated to linguistic humor, has been run on the blood, sweat and tears of one guy: Trey Jones. There have been a number of contributors, of course, and many hands working behind the scenes, but it's all been thanks to Trey's efforts. In addition to completely handling publication (converting to HTML, handling social media, advertising, etc. [not to mention the podcast]), he also has written a mountain of articles (just look at how many articles he's either authored or contributed to here!), and created the entire backend workflow that makes the site function. The amount of work he's put in over the years is mind-boggling.

Today, those of us who work on SpecGram decided to dedicate an entire issue to Trey—our own unique version of a festschrift: The PestSchrift. It's our way of letting Trey know that we appreciate him, and that we can, actually, produce articles on our own unbidden (on rare, rare occasions).

Personally, I'm quite thankful to Trey. I've been involved with SpecGram for about five years now (maybe closer to six), and though I often promise more than I can deliver, I've really enjoyed my time there. It's where I went after leaving linguistics (the field which now treats me like a pariah), and it's been quite good to me. So, thank you, Trey! I swear I'm working on an article...
Tags: conlang, dothraki, linguistics, personal
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