David J. Peterson (dedalvs) wrote,
David J. Peterson

Out of the Ashes

So, it's been a while, hasn't it? My apologies. There was a time when I blogged here with regularity. Those days appear to have passed me by. We'll see what I can manage.

I did, though, want to eat up some space here to discuss some of the things I've been up to, and what's in the works for me. After all, it's summer, and summer's the time for discussing future plans. (Note: I just made this up.)

First, I wanted to mention something I've been working on for several months. For the past few years, I've been writing up book reviews (mainly for my amusement, and to give myself a place to write about literature). Acting on a suggestion from years ago by shellaby, I finally turned that section of my website into a WordPress blog. In addition, I've roped a few of my friends (and spouses) into writing for the blog, as well. And so now we're giving it a go: a blog dedicated to reading. I've ported over all my early reviews, but now in addition to book reviews, there will be chatty posts about books and reading, in general (in today's, allegram writes about her secret lover: the library). The blog is now housed at books.dedalvs.com. And, since it's a blog, you can comment (so now folks won't have to resort to e-mail to try to convince me that Hemingway isn't terrible).

Next, I wanted to mention something that those of us at SpecGram have been up to for a few months now. For awhile, SpecGram has had a podcast, which has primarily featured audio recordings of a number of SpecGram's articles. To add to it, though, Keith, Bill, Trey and I started up a bantery segment of the podcast we call Language Made Difficult (RSS feed here). Once a month or so, we get together and discuss language-related topics in the news, and find some way to humiliate me on air. It's great fun! We've had five episodes so far, and are recording a sixth on Tuesday. If you like language, or listen to podcasts—or if you frequently find yourself lying perfectly still for several hours during the day—give this one a shot.

Finally, I also wanted to mention a couple of public appearances I'll be making. If you're going to be at WorldCon this summer in Reno (dubbed Renovation), I will be there. I'm tentatively scheduled for two panels (one Friday, one Saturday), plus a solo talk titled "Understanding Dothraki" (Thursday at 3:00 p.m. local). Later on Thursday, the Language Creation Society will also be hosting a workshop on creating your own language. I and several other conlangers will be putting it on (Sylvia Sotomayor, Jeff Jones and Jim Henry so far). Renovation runs from August 17th to August 21st. If you're interested in attending, be sure to buy a membership soon.

I'll also be speaking this September at the 2011 Faith, Reason & World Affairs Symposium. It's being held at Concordia College in Moorhead, Minnesota (a stone's throw from Fargo) from September 13th to the 14th. I'll be presenting one of the concurrent sessions; the title is "To Live a Wooden Life: The Art and Humanity of Language Creation". Kind of out of the way for California folk like me, but if you live in Lakota territory, come on by!

I've been busy, but I have no new Game of Thrones news at the moment. If I do (and am able), I'll be sure to share.
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