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2009 in Review
Super Duck
I did it! I beat employment! I went an entire year without a job, and without collecting unemployment!


Anyway, here's a look at what I have done compared to what I thought I would do. In the list below, I borrow liberally from my very first LiveJournal post:

  • I plan to write ten pages per day. HA! I was way off! If you average it out (and don't count e-mail), I probably wrote like five pages a day.

  • I plan to send off one thing to be published per week. Nope. But if you count my SpecGram articles, I didn't do too bad, I guess...

  • I will try, as best I can, to turn writing into employment (i.e., into something that generates real world income). Hmm... Depends on how one interprets the phrase "as best I can"... Admittedly, if this past year was my best, I suck.

  • That's the idea. Personally, I don't think I can do it, so it's a win-win proposition: I either am successful in becoming a full-time writer, or I'll fail, which will mean that I was right all along. And I was right all along! Yes!
So those were my early predictions. They didn't pan out. I didn't do too bad, though... Here's how writing worked out:

Planned Projects

  • Novels: I almost completely finished the novel I've been working on. I, of course, finished the initial draft, but I have to do a final revision of the last fifth of it and send it off to sima_q for comments. Not bad!

  • Children's Books: I think Crazy Coyote and the Last Ride of the Bandito Brigade is one of my best ever, and I really, really like this idea I came up with earlier in the year. I'm currently working on my sister's next book. It's going to be totally and completely out there. A true experiment. I also went into my sister's classroom and read one of my stories and talked a bit about constructing a story (I'll have to write about that later).

  • Juvenile Novels: I did no work at all on my chapter book. I'll get to it...

  • Short Fiction: Didn't plan to write a short story, and didn't. The American short story is dead.

  • Humor: I published 10 articles in SpecGram in 2009. That's not bad! I almost had one a month...

  • Book Reviews: I posted 13 book reviews to my book reviews page. Wow. That's unacceptably low.

  • Non-Fiction: I had ideas about things I might do, but I did nothing.

  • Miscellaneous: Of the things I mentioned in my original post, I did indeed update my site (quite a bit). I finished that LCC2 review, but not my treatise (which may take on a new form now). And I did give a talk at LCC3 that I thought went pretty well. I also added nine errors to my writing guide (I can do better!). Prophetically, I ended that section in my original post with the words, "And who knows what else may come up?" Who indeed! (Or should that be "What indeed!"?)

Unplanned Projects

  • I'm not sure if I mentioned it in my original post, but the Japanese Internment Camp documentary took up a good portion of the early part of 2009. Unfortunately, that was all but completely shelved. We should really, really pick that back up...

  • The LCS Podcast was an unexpected surprise, and quite a pleasant one. Its current state, however, is quite unfortunate. (Note: If you're reading this and are an audio editor who works for little or no money, the LCS needs you!)

  • Another unexpected surprise was the SpecGram podcast. That's been fun, and I look forward to doing more with it this year.

  • My Kamakawi Word of the Day blog (inspired by Sylvia Sotomayor's Kēlen Word of the Day blog) is another unexpected happening, but I think it's a good thing.

  • Oh, my web comic. That's kind of taken off, really. If you haven't heard of it, it's because you're not allegram. The comic lives entirely on our password-protected site that only allegram and I have access to. Basically, I do it just for allegram; no one else can see it. I think it's pretty good, but it takes quite a lot of time to do...

  • My long non-fiction writing project was new, but it's been on the back burner, I'm afraid. I need to be less intimidated by it and just do it. After all, it's just for fun...

  • Perhaps not worth listing in detail are the numerous LCS projects that cropped up. It's becoming rather like a job I'll never get paid for...

  • The biggest bit of unexpected news was the television job to create a language. Still can't wait to say more about that. Come March, I should be able to say everything. This project, though, cut into my August, September, October and November.

  • And then there was the granddaddy of them all: the house. That delivered the final blow to 2009.
All in all, a busy, busy year. Not as productive as I'd hoped, but, at the same time, full of fantastic surprises.

So, anyway, what of 2010... Let's set some lofty goals:

  • Completely finish and publish the ol' novel.

  • Start work on the second (and maybe third?) novel, and get a good 40,000 words completed.

  • Get a children's book published, or an agent.

  • Write more book reviews, writing guide errors and SpecGram articles than in 2009.

  • Finish the internment documentary.

  • Be a guest on either The Daily Show or The Colbert Report.

  • Finish up 2010 in the black.
The funny (or perhaps sad) thing is that I find the last of those goals to be the most laughably improbable. You?! Make money?! says David Brain. That's rich!

Get it? "Rich?"

Yes, David Brain. I do get it.

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Congratulations on what seems like a year well carried off, with the requisite ups and downs and sidewayses.

Perhaps not worth listing in detail are the numerous LCS projects that cropped up. It's becoming rather like a job I'll never get paid for...

AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA*cough*... sorry. It's just amusing to see that Real People (who have Graduated From College And Whatnot) still have the problem of the student group with N subplots that sucks up way too much of your time but never pays off in grades money...

Darn it! You just reminded me I'm not in college anymore! I'd held out for as long as I could...

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