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November '09
Super Duck
A busy, albeit not very productive month:

  • I sent the fourth installment off to sima_q; haven't heard back yet. (The end is in sight!)

  • Oh, something of mine is in this month's SpecGram (more on it later).

  • Oh, hey, we also started up a podcast for SpecGram. You can subscribe (I think) here. Basically, we read articles. I did a few of them (you can probably tell which are me).

  • I started work on a new language, which is just a total waste of time...
Other than that, I did less work for the TV show than I thought I would (but still a non-insignificant amount).

Of course, the biggest thing has been the new condo. I can't believe we went from looking for a place to moving in in just a month... Yet the time has come! (P.S.: If you live in Southern California, and you're not busy this Saturday, let me know!) Poor allegram... I got sick when we were doing work over at the place on Friday, and I haven't been any help at all. I'm almost better, though, so I'll pick it up; don't worry.

For those of you who haven't come across it yet, my article in this month's SpecGram is more or less a direct parody of the Time Cube website. The ol' Time Cube was kind of an internet sensation awhile back, and continues to shock and amaze (if you click on the link, you'll see why).

Essentially, this nut came up with a theory that there are actually four simultaneous days going on in any 24 hour day. He came to this conclusion by realizing that if it's noon somewhere, then it's midnight on the other side of the world, six p.m. on another side, and six a.m. on another. Thus, when rotation happens, it's not just advancing one day: it's advancing four separate days simultaneously!

Of course, the logical response to this is that, well, since the Earth is a sphere, aren't there not merely four simultaneous days going on, but an infinite number of simultaneous days going on—and at that point, isn't the fact rather insignificant?

Logic aside, Dr. Gene Ray (self-proclaimed "Wisest Human") is still going strong. It's really sad, of course, but he does seem to be healthy and living comfortably, so as long as his four corner day keeps him happy, I guess we don't have to feel bad about having a chuckle at his expense.

Okay, back to work! Things to do...


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