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Statistics from the Sports Logos Series
Super Duck
Again, thanks for allowing me ten days of posts about sports logos. I promise, right after this, I'll get to complaining about things.

The first thing I need to note is that I made a HUGE mistake: I left out the MLS club Seattle Sounders FC. That was simply inexcusable (especially since they have such a fine logo). I've added them in (they're number 21 [very respectable]), and will have to go and adjust all the numbers from the previous posts (sigh).

For fun, I decided to compile some statistics. First, though, here is the entire ranked list of the 158 teams whose logos I surveyed. Again, these are the logos from the NBA, WNBA, NFL, NHL, MLB, MLS and WPS. Here goes:

  1. Minnesota Wild (NHL)

  2. Utah Jazz (NBA)

  3. Cleveland Cavaliers (NBA)

  4. Anaheim Angels (MLB)

  5. Chicago Bulls (NBA)

  6. Oakland Raiders (NFL)

  7. New York Yankees (MLB)

  8. San Francisco 49ers (NFL)

  9. Indiana Fever (WNBA)

  10. St. Louis Blues (NHL)

  11. Milwaukee Bucks (NBA)

  12. Seattle Storm (WNBA)

  13. Detroit Tigers (MLB)

  14. Miami Heat (NBA)

  15. New York Knicks (NBA)

  16. Milwaukee Brewers (MLB)

  17. San Jose Sharks (NHL)

  18. Phoenix Suns (NBA)

  19. Los Angeles Galaxy (MLS)

  20. Los Angeles Dodgers (MLB)

  21. Seattle Sounders FC (MLS)

  22. New York Mets (MLB)

  23. Sacramento Kings (NBA)

  24. Florida Marlins (MLB)

  25. Carolina Hurricanes (NHL)

  26. Arizona Cardinals (NFL)

  27. New Orleans Saints (NFL)

  28. New Jersey Devils (NHL)

  29. Colorado Rapids (MLS)

  30. St. Louis Athletica (WPS)

  31. Tampa Bay Lightning (NHL)

  32. San Francisco Giants (MLB)

  33. Kansas City Chiefs (NFL)

  34. San Antonio Spurs (NBA)

  35. Chicago White Sox (MLB)

  36. Buffalo Bills (NFL)

  37. Dallas Cowboys (NFL)

  38. Detroit Red Wings (NHL)

  39. Atlanta Hawks (NBA)

  40. Colorado Rockies (MLB)

  41. Indiana Pacers (NBA)

  42. New York Liberty (WNBA)

  43. Denver Nuggets (NBA)

  44. Calgary Flames (NHL)

  45. Sky Blue FC (WPS)

  46. Minnesota Twins (MLB)

  47. Washington Nationals (MLB)

  48. Minnesota Timberwolves (NBA)

  49. Toronto Raptors (NBA)

  50. Indianapolis Colts (NFL)

  51. Seattle Mariners (MLB)

  52. Boston Breakers (WPS)

  53. Florida Panthers (NHL)

  54. Cleveland Browns (NFL)

  55. Boston Red Sox (MLB)

  56. Detroit Shock (WNBA)

  57. Tennessee Titans (NFL)

  58. Detroit Lions (NFL)

  59. Phoenix Mercury (WNBA)

  60. Toronto FC (MLS)

  61. San Diego Padres (MLB)

  62. Philadelphia Phillies (MLB)

  63. Atlanta Falcons (NFL)

  64. San Diego Chargers (NFL)

  65. St. Louis Rams (NFL)

  66. Connecticut Sun (WNBA)

  67. Orlando Magic (NBA)

  68. Memphis Grizzlies (NBA)

  69. Houston Comets (WNBA)

  70. Nashville Predators (NHL)

  71. Charlotte Bobcats (NBA)

  72. Baltimore Orioles (MLB)

  73. St. Louis Cardinals (MLB)

  74. Boston Celtics (NBA)

  75. New Jersey Nets (NBA)

  76. Chivas USA (MLS)

  77. Arizona Diamondbacks (MLB)

  78. Real Salt Lake (MLS)

  79. Cincinnati Bengals (NFL)

  80. New England Patriots (NFL)

  81. Los Angeles Kings (NHL)

  82. Seattle Seahawks (NFL)

  83. Denver Broncos (NFL)

  84. Tampa Bay Rays (MLB)

  85. Houston Texans (NFL)

  86. Philadelphia Eagles (NFL)

  87. Pittsburgh Steelers (NFL)

  88. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (NFL)

  89. FC Dallas (MLS)

  90. Los Angeles Sparks (WNBA)

  91. Washington Freedom (WPS)

  92. New Orleans Hornets (NBA)

  93. Texas Rangers (MLB)

  94. Colorado Avalanche (NHL)

  95. Dallas Mavericks (NBA)

  96. Toronto Blue Jays (MLB)

  97. Portland Trailblazers (NBA)

  98. Buffalo Sabres (NHL)

  99. Washington Mystics (WNBA)

  100. Anaheim Ducks (NHL)

  101. Detroit Pistons (NBA)

  102. Los Angeles Clippers (NBA)

  103. Oakland A's (MLB)

  104. New York Rangers (NHL)

  105. San Jose Earthquakes (MLS)

  106. Montreal Canadiens (NHL)

  107. Boston Bruins (NHL)

  108. Columbus Blue Jackets (NHL)

  109. Philadelphia Flyers (NHL)

  110. Philadelphia 76ers (NBA)

  111. Jacksonville Jaguars (NFL)

  112. Phoenix Coyotes (NHL)

  113. Miami Dolphins (NFL)

  114. Baltimore Ravens (NFL)

  115. Pittsburgh Penguins (NHL)

  116. Atlanta Thrashers (NHL)

  117. Minnesota Lynx (WNBA)

  118. Chicago Bears (NFL)

  119. Cincinnati Reds (MLB)

  120. San Antonio Silver Stars (WNBA)

  121. Atlanta Braves (MLB)

  122. Houston Dynamo (MLS)

  123. Los Angeles Sol (WPS)

  124. Carolina Panthers (NFL)

  125. Chicago Red Stars (WPS)

  126. Dallas Stars (NHL)

  127. Green Bay Packers (NFL)

  128. New England Revolution (MLS)

  129. Toronto Maple Leafs (NHL)

  130. Los Angeles Lakers (NBA)

  131. Ottawa Senators (NHL)

  132. D.C. United (MLS)

  133. Golden State Warriors (NBA)

  134. Kansas City Royals (MLS)

  135. New York Giants (NFL)

  136. Chicago Fire (MLS)

  137. Chicago Blackhawks (NHL)

  138. Washington Capitals (NHL)

  139. Vancouver Canucks (NHL)

  140. Sacramento Monarchs (WNBA)

  141. Columbus Crew (MLS)

  142. New York Jets (NFL)

  143. New York Red Bulls (MLS)

  144. FC Gold Pride (WPS)

  145. Edmonton Oilers (NHL)

  146. Washington Wizards (NBA)

  147. Kansas City Wizards (MLS)

  148. Chicago Cubs (MLB)

  149. Minnesota Vikings (NFL)

  150. Chicago Sky (WNBA)

  151. Washington Redskins (NFL)

  152. Cleveland Indians (MLB)

  153. Houston Astros (MLB)

  154. Houston Rockets (NBA)

  155. Atlanta Dream (WNBA)

  156. New York Islanders (NHL)

  157. Pittsburgh Pirates (MLB)

  158. Oklahoma City Thunder (NBA)

Whew! Some day I'll link to each team's specific logo on Chris Creamer's sports logos site (by the way, that is a fantastic resource!), but that's just too much trouble for the time being (perhaps if it weren't so hot... Going to be a long, long summer in California).

If each logo's rank is equivalent to a number, it's possible to drum up some statistics. For example, which league has the best logos, overall? Here are the results (remember: the lower the number, the better):

  1. NBA: 67.2667
    • Highest: Utah Jazz (2)
    • Lowest: Oklahoma City Thunder (158)

  2. MLB: 70.5667
    • Highest: Anaheim Angels (4)
    • Lowest: Pittsburgh Pirates (157)

  3. NFL: 77.6250
    • Highest: Oakland Raiders (6)
    • Lowest: Washington Redskins (151)

  4. WNBA: 84.5714 (85.7692)*
    • Highest: Indiana Fever (9)
    • Lowest: Atlanta Dream (155)

  5. WPS: 87.1429
    • Highest: St. Louis Athletica (30)
    • Lowest: FC Gold Pride (144)

  6. NHL: 88.9333
    • Highest: Minnesota Wild (1)
    • Lowest: New York Islanders (156)

  7. MLS: 95.2000
    • Highest: Los Angeles Galaxy (19)
    • Lowest: Kansas City Wizards (147)
* I did something controversial with the WNBA. Technically, the Houston Comets are not a current team: the team folded after the 2008 season. However, as the 2009 season hasn't started yet, I included them (plus, there's a push to bring the Comets back. It would be devastating to the WNBA to lose the most successful franchise in its short history). The first number you see for the WNBA above includes the Comets; the number in parentheses does not.

Now, I'm not at all surprised that the NBA finished first (they put a lot of effort into their image), but I am surprised MLB finished second. I guess that's probably because, for the most part, they don't try to do anything fancy with their logos: they go for simple and traditional—and, all else being equal, a simple logo is preferable to a complex one.

I should also note that if the WNBA didn't have its two most recent expansion teams (the ones with the terrible logos), it would have finished third with a score of 73.6363. The Sky and Dream really need a total makeover.

Here are some miscellaneous stats:

  • Neither MLS or WPS had a logo in the top or bottom ten.

  • The NBA had the most logos in the top ten with three.

  • MLB had the most logos in the bottom ten with three.

  • Turns out it was better to have the worst logo than the best: The NBA, as a league, did much better than the NHL.

  • In fact, despite finishing with the best logo, the NHL performed the worst out of the four major American sports leagues (though if you include MLS, they finished fourth out of five).

  • WPS had both the lowest ranked high team (St. Louis Athletica at 30) and the highest ranked low team (FC Gold Pride at 144).

  • In case you're curious, this is how many teams each league has (in order from biggest to smallest): NFL (32); MLB, NBA, NHL (30); MLS (15); WNBA (13); WPS (7).

  • If I had to rank the league logos it'd go like this: (1) NHL; (2) WPS; (3) NFL; (4) MLB; (5) NBA; (6) MLS; (7) WNBA.
I may add to this section periodically as I think of miscellaneous stats.

Finally, I wanted to do some city and state breakdowns. First, the cities. I made a couple of moves to make this work. First, I counted a team if it's name is associated with a city, even if they technically play in a suburb of that city. I counted the Houston Comets as a current team (this gave Houston five), and I capped the count at cities with at least five teams. If a team plays in the same city but bears the name of the state, that also counts. I counted New York as a region, but excluded New Jersey, and counted the Bay Area as a region. So, here it goes, grouped by number of teams:

  • Nine Teams: New York (85.1111)

  • Eight Teams: Los Angeles (80.1250); Chicago (106.7500)

  • Seven Teams: Bay Area (63.2857); Washington, D.C. (114.8571)

  • Six Teams: Boston (82.6667)

  • Five Teams: Detroit (53.2000); Denver (57.8000); Phoenix (58.4000); Minneapolis (72.2000); Atlanta (98.8000); Houston (116.6000)
Now, I wasn't sure if cities with different numbers of teams should compete against each other, so I did the numbers this way, and I'll leave it to you to compare. I'm rather surprised Detroit did so well.

Okay, now for the state competition.

For the purposes of this competition, I have included all teams that play at the Meadowlands as a part of the state of New York if their name has "New York" in it. I have also excluded states with five or fewer teams (excluding states like Georgia, but including a state like Missouri, oddly enough). Also, seeing as I don't want to add up every single United States sports logo, I've included Canada as a state. Here are the results (what amounts to the top ten):

  1. Florida: 65.0000 (9 teams)

  2. Missouri: 70.2857 (7 teams)

  3. California: 70.2857 (21 teams)

  4. New York: 81.8181 (11 teams)

  5. Massachusetts: 82.6667 (6 teams)

  6. Ohio: 93.8571 (7 teams)

  7. Texas: 96.0909 (11 teams)

  8. Canada: 99.8889 (9 teams)

  9. Illinois: 106.7500 (8 teams)

  10. Washington, D.C.: 114.8571 (7 teams)
So, I guess Florida gets bragging rights. How about California and Missouri, though?! What are the odds!

(For the curious, I ranked Missouri ahead of California because it has a larger percentage of logos in the top 50% [i.e. ranked 79 or lower] than California [Missouri has 5 of 7; California has 11 of 21]. The idea is that if Missouri and California were to expand, Missouri is more likely to produce a team with a more highly ranked logo [by about 20%].)

For the moment, that concludes my sports logos series. I may write blog posts on logos in the future, but this, I think, has sated my urge to talk about sports logos for awhile. Thanks for your patience!
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You have the Islanders as the worst team in two leagues.
(Frozen) (Thread)

I also had the Pittsburgh Pirates in the NFL. Oops! Both fixed. You know, the way our writing system works, with line upon line, it's hard to read. After awhile, all the lines start swimming together, and the letters start jumping around. It's a wonder I didn't make more mistakes (though see below).
(Frozen) (Parent) (Thread)

As a longtime WNBA fan, I wanted to point out that you have the Sacramento Monarchs listed as an NBA team on your list. Given the state of the current NBA Kings, however, this may actually be true.
(Frozen) (Thread)

Speaking of which, a lot of people complain that the team with the best chance to win the lottery rarely wins. But if you look at the odds, this shouldn't be a surprise. The team with the worst record (this year, the Kings) has a 25% chance to win the lottery. That means it's more likely that the Kings will win than any other named team you come up with. However, it is much more likely that some team other than the Kings will win it (not any team specifically, but any of the other teams)—after all, they've got a 75% chance to get the top pick.

Anyway, fixed. Thanks so much for finding it! If you or anyone else sees anymore, just let me know.
(Frozen) (Parent) (Thread)

Would love to read your analysis of the Monarchs' logo- I think part of the problem is that they were forced to stick with the Kings' colors, and that doesn't really work for the dual royalty/butterfly effect they were going for (though it took me years to realize those were supposed to be butterfly wings).

I'm less worried about makeovers ad more worried about really crappy names. At least in New York, we call this very young Liberty team the Libkids (or just the Libs), and a Phoenix player can be a Merc, but Dream and Sky are friggin' weak.
(Frozen) (Thread)

In general, I think count nouns are better than mass nouns as sports names. Unless the team is inherently popular, it's much easier to refer to a player as a Blanker than a Jazz, Heat, Liberty, Wild...player? You're kind of forced into saying an X player.

Regarding the Monarchs, first something should be said about this whole NBA/WNBA logo thing. It was supposed to be a big marketing point in the beginning that these were going to be individual team names, and the teams weren't going to be called anything like "Lady Lakers", or anything like that. And then what do we see? Here were the original WNBA team names and logos/colors:

  • New York Liberty: Original name, original colors.

  • Cleveland Rockers: Original name, Cavs' colors.

  • Charlotte Sting: Name play on Hornets, Hornets' colors.

  • Houston Comets: Name play on Rockets, Rockets' colors.

  • Phoenix Mercury: Name play on Suns, Suns' colors.

  • LA Sparks: Original name, essentially the Lakers' logo.

  • Sacramento Monarchs: Name play on Kings, Kings' colors.

  • Utah Starzz: Name has double "z" of Jazz, Jazz colors.
So, no, they didn't have names like "Lady Lakers", but they may as well have, for the most part! There was nothing like this in the ABL.

So, with the Monarchs, first, they stuck with the Kings' colors. The immediate problem is that monarch butterflies are black and orange! No one's going to get the butterfly thing without that!

Second, I have a huge problem with the design. The Kings' crown thing looks like a head with a crown, and the legs look like hands, so this looks like a human clutching a ball. Since the dark purple and black are hard to see against each other, you don't see the purple "M", and not only that, without the butterfly association, those don't look like wings: they look like a robe. The result? It looks like a fat person holding up a basketball!

Just a terrible design. Before the Sky and Dream, this was easily the worst logo in the league.
(Frozen) (Parent) (Thread)

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